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At Vancouver Ski & Board Services we stock a varied selection of tools and supplies that will allow the home user to perform maintenance on their own equipment.

We try out all of the supplies that we sell and if it has no real purpose (other than lightening your wallet) or is difficult to use we don't stock it. Because all of our staff is actually tuning skis and snowboards, we all have hands-on experience with the items we sell. We are not just pretty sales people who take your money and can't explain the proper use and purpose of the items. We stock a large variety of waxes from the really expensive tech stuff to the stuff that all of us can afford and works really well also.

Wax Remover to clean bases (don't use solvents or thinners)
Fiberlene fiber free cloth used with wax remover
P-tex Candles for repair of bases
Metal Scraper to smooth P-tex during base repair
Diamond Stone For on the hill touch ups, detuning and polishing
Files Chrome Mill Bastard file for side & bottom edge beveling
Bevel Guides Used with file for bottom or side edge beveling
File Card for cleaning files (or stiff bristled nylon brush)
Magic Marker to check progress during edge filing and edge beveling
Rubber Stone Cratex- for super edge polishing and edge sharpness blending
Scotch Brite Fibertex- used during waxing process
Waxing Iron adjustable temperature iron for best wax penetration during hot wax process
Wax good quality ski wax to treat & preserve base. Enhances glide & allows skis to turn easier
Wax Spatula to clean edges, sidewalls and groove after waxing
Acrylic Scraper for smoothing and removing excess wax
Wax Brush to remove excess wax from textured base